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Package A: VIP

1. Saturday Night Dinner and Dance (wine included) with Live Entertainment

2. Saturday and Sunday Hotel Rooms

3. Competition Package (Entire Package B)

4. VIP Gift

5. Early registration

6. Saturday Seminars - 2 hrs. with world-class dancers and judges.


Package B: Local VIP

Includes all of package A without hotel


Package C: Sunday Only

1. Entry to the ballroom

2. Lunch

3. Dinner and Dance, Cocktail Party

4. Professional Show

5. World class judges

6. Participation Trophy, Gift, Souvenir program

Adult Amateur Package: Includes: day and evening tickets (no meals included)

plus two Amateur Multidance Entries.


Saturday Night Dinner & Dance with Live Entertainment 

Sunday Night Dinner & Dance with Pro Show Extravaganza 

Day Spectator Ticket with Lunch

Day Spectator Ticket No Lunch 

Congress with Stars (4-6:00 p.m.) 

Pro Show Only (Starts after 9 p.m.) 

Professionals: please contact the organizer for the Price List.


Bogdan Wienc: 727-481-6789

Top Teacher Money

Pot of Gold


  20—99 ENTRIES = $6 per entry

100—149 ENTRIES = $10 per entry

150—199 ENTRIES = $12 per entry

          200+ ENTRIES = $15 per entry

Teachers must be on a full day package to qualify for Pot of Gold.

Entries that are less than $35/dance (Scholarships, Junior/Youth and some Am/Am entries) are excluded from Pot of Gold and Top Teacher Prize Money

EACH DANCE of Two and Three Dance Challenges counts towards the Pot of Gold!


Top Teacher Prize Money


1st — $1,500    2nd — $700    3rd — $300   4th — $200    5th — $100


Top teacher prize money is paid in addition to the lucrative Pot of Gold.

First place teacher has the potential to walk away

with more than $5,000 for one day’s work.

You cannot afford to miss this opportunity!



Top Student Awards

Newcomer, Bronze, Silver & Gold-In Male and Female Categories

Amateur Couple; Junior Couple; Junior Pro/Am; Solo Awards: In Newcomer, Bronze, Silver & Gold


Top Studio Awards


Small; Medium; Large


Scholarships Prize Money


  Open Scholarships  “A” - 1st—$300  2nd—$200  3rd—$100 

All other Scholarships  - 1st—$150  2nd—$50    3rd—$50


Student must be on package and dance 10 dances per Scholarship

(in single or multi dance challenge events)

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